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St. Pius X Catholic High School
Gym Floor Replacement

What were some of the critical needs you considered when choosing a new floor?

“In 2022 we had our basketball gym resurfaced and discovered at that time we were going to need to replace the subfloor and foundation of the basketball gym. It was in rough shape. Our floor was originally installed in 2000, so we were very happy to have gotten 23 incredible years out of our gym. Our basketball gym is constantly being utilized for basketball games, volleyball games, graduations, dances, and other events, so it was crucial for us to go ahead and invest in a top-notch hardwood floor that we could utilize for the next years to come.”

Were there any unmet expectations from your original floor installation?

“Not necessarily. We (St. Pius X) did not do the best job maintaining and upkeeping the gym floor. However, through Success Sports Surfacing, we were able to be properly educated on how to properly maintain the floor and increase longevity for the floor for years to come.”

What educational information was provided by Success Sports Surfacing?

Aside from tangibly installing an entire new basketball court, we gained a significant improvement in the education on how to better take care and upkeep our newly renovated gym floor. With the knowledge that we now know regarding maintaining this beautifully renovated gym, we are expecting to maintain it for more than our original 23 years we got out of our first gym floor.

What specific strengths did Success Sports Surfacing bring to the project?

“One of the best attributes about working with Success Sports Surfacing is the fact that they treat you genuinely more like family than they do a customer. We felt very comfortable explaining all our needs upfront and in real time with the Success Sports Surfacing staff. The other two notable strengths of working with Success Sports Surfacing is their ability to have hands on involvement with the project as well as their flexible schedules with completing the project. The project felt like one that went smoothly and although we were promised an 8-10 week installation window, Success Sports Surfacing was able to knock it out in a professional and efficient manner in 6 weeks.”

How did Success Sports Surfacing efficiently and properly execute so that there were no distractions amongst students, faculty, staff, etc.?

“Ultimately it came down to precise scheduling with Success Sports Surfacing in order to not only complete this project but complete it in an urgent yet diligent manner. In order to ensure that Success Sports Surfacing did not interfere with school testing, Success Sports Surfacing staff worked earlier mornings, later evenings, and even worked on the weekend to ensure that no students or staff were interrupted during their final weeks of school.”

Describe your confidence level in the experience, creativity, professionalism, and project management skills provided by Success Sports Surfacing.

“The staff at Success Sports Surfacing is top notch! Success Sports Surfacing staff was fully involved in the entire process and completion of the project. The staff even ensured that all impromptu tweaks that we had regarding paint colors and such were not only met but exceeded expectations. Dave’s 30+ years in the business helped us ensure that all decisions we made regarding our basketball gym court were not only what we needed but also what we wanted.”

Were there any speed bumps in the project and if so, how did Success Sports Surfacing overcome them?

“There were absolutely no speedbumps or hiccups throughout the project. The professionalism demonstrated by Success Sports Surfacing and its staff were fluid and precise.”

If someone called you about potentially working with Success Sports Surfacing, what would be some traits you’d use (good/bad) to describe their work?

“When it comes to working with Success Sports Surfacing and its staff, we witnessed persistence, flexibility, hands on tactics and approaches to the installation process, integrity, friendly and family feel, did not feel like we needed to baby sit any of the Success Sports Surfacing staff while on school grounds, effectiveness, as well as ability to adapt to our schedules when we needed. Working with Success Sports Surfacing and their staff was true pleasure and we are grateful for their incredible work!”

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